Who is our most beloved celebrity?

Today, we are going to talk about a celebrity. Okay, maybe not the JayZ or Beyonce kind but a celebrity all the same. In fact, if this genius was alive today, he’d probably be swimming in piles of cash and have the world at his feet! And that one man was Luca Pacioli. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, then chances are high you’ve started a business without any prior accounting knowledge. And to save your business from inevitable self-destruction, we urge you to read on…

First things first, let’s time warp ourselves back to 1494, or shall we say, the earlier years of the Renaissance. Here is where man was breaking free from the dark curse of the Middle Ages and enlightening himself; making a path for the modern world that we now live in! In that same year, he published a book on double-entry accounting that comprised of the majority of information on the accounting cycle that we now use today. He did this after studying how effective merchants in Venice were by using such a similar system. Instead of keeping it to himself, he decided to share it with the whole world. Pretty awesome right? In fact, it’s safe to say that Luca Pacioli deserves rock star status with the likes of Jon Bon Jovi and the Beetles!

And thanks to him, a quintessential bookkeeper in London such as ourselves can successfully help dozens of businesses run efficiently every financial year. And we’re here to help yours too!